DEPS(Dynamic Exact Positioning System) integrates the core strength of various cutting-edge navigation technologies, it empowers RoboUP with powerful pin-point positioning and boundary recognition capabilities.

CM-level Positioning Accuracy

Integrated multiple real-time positioning technologies to achieve cm-level positioning accuracy in complicated gardens.

VSLAM Algorithm

More than 3 years of VSLAM Algorithm development to handle the most complex and variable terrains.

5 Years System Development

More than 5 years of development and millions of training data for the best performance.



Inertial Navigation Technologies

AI Smart Eye
Equipped with HD Camera, RoboUP has smart eyes to recognize not only obstacles like fence, tree, furniture, but also living objects like babies, pets and wild animals, which allows RoboUP to bypass them smoothly without bumping.
100% Recognition Accuracy for Typical Edges

Test different kinds of typical edges, 100% recognition accuracy.

Robust AI Deep Learning System

Recognize human baby, pets, hedgehog and other kinds of obstacles, turn around before bumping in.

3 Years Development

More than 3 years of development and millions of training data taken for best performance.

New Generation of Cutting System

The floating cutting deck will adjust the cutting disc’s height to match the unevenness of terrain, which greatly reduces the risk of getting stuck.

With the smart electric cutting height adjustment RoboUP is enabled to cut your lawn evenly and trim  different areas of the garden individually.
The offset cutting blade will cut neatly along edges of your lawn, which will minimize the need for manual trimming of borders.
When the mower is lifted off the ground or tips over, the cutting system automatically shuts off rapidly to avoid any injury.
Driving System
Powered by a maintenance free brushless motor RoboUP is long-lasting, lightweight and incredibly efficient.
RoboUP also owns the best-in-class low noise level (57dbA), which allows you to enjoy a peaceful time in your garden.
RoboUP has the capability of climbing slopes up to 45% with excellent traction provided by its large coarse-tread wheels.
Smart Control

The APP can always recommend the proper schedule to which you can make adjustments while taking different conditions of your yard into consideration.

You will be able to control the mower effortlessly through Alexa/Google Assistant voice control.

With the IFTTT integration for RoboUP, you can automate the control of RoboUP via your smart home system.

Anti-theft System
Equipped with lift and tilt sensor, the high-sounding alarm goes off  as soon as the mower is lifted or tilted without entering the correct 4-digit PIN code.
The mower will be locked automatically when it is moved outside the virtual boundary and it can only be re-activated by entering the correct PIN code.

You will receive notification alerts when your mower moves outside of the cutting area, GPS localization works even with power off so you can track the mower’s location via APP (only for 4G models).


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