• Virtual Boundary

    The DEPS (Dynamic Exact Positioning System) system enables RoboUP to handle any complex terrain without perimeter wires. It will work within the virtual boundary built automatically or manually.

    Real-Time Boundary Detection

    AI "Smart Eye" technology detects boundaries in real time even with poor or no GPS signal reception.

    Automatic Planning

    RoboUP route planning is based on powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, defining energy and time efficient mowing paths in neat parallel lines without supervision.

    Obstacles Recognition

    Equipped with AI Camera, RoboUP recognizes and avoids obstacles smoothly (fence, tree, furniture,...) Once living objects (babies, pets, animals) are recognized, cutting stops immediately and RoboUP moves to other area.

    Product Features

    Rain Sensor

    RTK Navigation

    Alarm Sound

    LCD Screen

    Brushless Motor

    VSLAM Camera

    AI Camera

    Inertial Sensor

    Lift and Tilt Sensor

    Night Lighting

    RTK Base Station

    LED Indicator

    Charging Contacts
    Ultrasonic Sensor
    Ultrasonic Sensor

    Furtherly enhance RoboUP’s capability of obstacles detecting and avoidance in ultra-complex terrain.

    Garage Roof
    Garage Roof

    Provides additional protection from harsh sunlight and rain for RoboUP mower and charging station.

    Blades Assembly
    Blades Assembly

    One set with 9 stainless blades and 9 fastening screws.


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